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Chaos at Wazzu

Thursday, August 25, 2016
Article by Austin James

Just weeks before college football kicks off, Washington State DB Shalom Luani and former PAC-12 honorable mention was arrested for second degree felonious assault.

Luani was at Dominos late Wednesday night and became aggravated when his pizza was taking too long. He began to cause a scene in the store, being verbally abusive toward employees. The manager of the restaurant offered to give Luani his money back but he wasn't having it and continued to be disruptive. A 20 year old Washington State student stepped in and asked Luani to relax and was promptly dealt a punch right to his nose. The student's nose was broken, he went to the hospital, and authorities were called to the scene. Police reported alcohol was involved.

You gotta love that late night trip for fast food after a night out on the town; Dominos is an interesting choice. If you go the pizza route, you either have to have it delivered or hit Little Caesar's hot and ready. Nobody wants to wait for somebody to cook a pizza; it takes too long; it's 1 AM; you're drunk, and you need to go home. So, I put the blame for the wait on Luani himself. However, this kid who stepped in is completely in the wrong. Don't ever get in the way of a man and his food. Much less stop a rant coming from a drunk football player waiting for his pizza. If you're gonna make that move you have immediately take on all the risks (like getting hit in face), and you lose your right to press charges when things go South. This student might as well have hit himself in the face.