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Dallas in Chaos

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Article by Austin James

In the most expected storyline of the infant 2016 season, Tony Romo has sustained a serious back injury and will miss the first games of the season.
QB Dak Prescott

It appears that Dak Prescott will be a suitable QB1 in Dallas and that is great, but the front office is struggling to find a new QB2 and 3 as they also recently placed former Boise State QB Kellen Moore on the IR to get to a 75 man roster.

The storylines coming out of this saga are nothing short of ridiculous. Dallas is searching for a back quarterback like a chicken with its head cut off, and frankly the search is beginning to confuse me a bit too. 

QB Jameill Showers
3rd string QB Jameill Showers has openly come out and said he hopes Romo gets put on injured reserve (guaranteeing he won't play for the first half of the season), in order for the Cowboys to be able to pick up another QB. This way Showers has a back-up if Prescott goes down. He said anybody can get hurt and he thinks the team should be carrying three active QBs. My take away is that this dude saw what happened to Romo and wants to stay far away from the train wreck that is the starting job in Dallas. He is much more comfortable with a clipboard in his hands that a pigskin. The craziest part of this statement is that if the Cowboys do add another QB and Romo stays off the IR, Showers has to compete against him for a spot on the roster. You're kind of screwing yourself here Jameill.

Browns QB Austin Davis

Also, the Cowboys have expressed interest in former Browns QB Austin Davis. Davis will get a workout with the team Wednesday. He filled in for a few games is St. Louis in 2014 after Sam Bradford suffered a season ending injury. He also got the start for two weeks in Cleveland last year. He boasts a 62.% completion percentage with 13 TDs, 12 INTs, and 7 fumbles in 13 games. So, if he keeps his current statistical trends (averaging just under 1.5 turnovers a game) Dallas fans can just imagine Romo is on the field when Davis takes a snap. Davis also comes in carrying the outstanding reputation of Browns gunslingers to live up to.

My favorite reaction to the new whole in the Cowboys depth chart came from Sports Day Dallas News, who published an article titled "Which Cowboys position players can play QB if needed?" The article featured a quote from Head Coach Jason Garrett in which he said that WR Cole Beasley and RB Darren McFadden would be strong candidates. Beasley was a four year starting QB in high school and Garrett cited McFadden's experience as a wildcat QB at Arkansas (McFadden has not practiced since June due to a fractured right elbow). Also, upon a question about putting Dez Bryant under center, Garrett said "Oh yeah, Dez would be outstanding".

On top of it all, Garrett will start Dak Prescott in the 4th pre-season game in an attempt to further deplete the Cowboys depth at the QB position.

My advice: work on the ground attack.