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Draymond Green Flirts with Death

8:32 AM, May 19, 2016
Article by Austin James

Last night, Draymond Green made arguably the boldest move of the entire 2016 playoffs.

While Green was going up for a transition layup, it appears that he kneed Thunder center Steven Adams right in the crotch. He got him pretty good, and, as you can tell by Adams reaction, he certainly felt it. The incident was probably accidental; I mean I don't see Draymond as being the kind of guy who hunts around for crotch shots, but, hey, it happened nonetheless.
This wouldn't be a big deal if he had done this to someone like Dion Waiters, but Steven Adams is a completely different story. Listen I don't know Steve very well, but he just doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who just gets hit in the crotch and takes it. I actually believe there is about a 50% chance that Draymond goes missing sometime in the next 24 hours. He'll probably turn up tied to a radiator in a basement somewhere in New Zealand. But lets say Adams does let it go, at least until game 3. Draymond is going to be looking over his shoulder whenever Adams is on the court. He is going to be so ineffective because he has legitimate cause to be concerned for his livelihood.

The Warriors may have one the game, but Draymond Green just made a big mistake.