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Even the NBA Thinks the NBA Has Gone Too Far

8:52 AM, May 17, 2016
Article by Austin James

Russell Westbrook finally decided to test the NBA's patience on the travel rule. 

With 19 seconds left and a three point Thunder lead, Westbrook was dribbling up the side of the court, lost his balance and called a timeout. Somewhere in that sequence of events he managed to get down about 5,000 steps without taking a dribble and not get called for traveling. And to add insult to injury all of this happened right in front of Steve Kerr.

So, in the most typical NBA move of all time, the NBA's Senior Vice-President of Referee Operations comes out the morning after and said it should have been a travel. He gave a long statement; the gist of which was "nobody was in position to make the call, but he traveled." In response to this I would have to say that if the officials didn't have a good enough angle to see him prance 15-20 feet without dribbling, I'm not seeing a point to keep these guys on payroll. This an egregious missed call, and, with the best three-point shooter in the league on the other team, it made a HUGE difference in the game.

This has gone too far. The NBA has pretty much done away with this rule altogether an it is part of the reason their league is seen as a joke.

Joey Crawford would have made the call, and that is all I have to say about that.