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Ezekiel Elliot with an Odd Pre-Game Ritual

Article by Austin James
Monday, August 29, 2016

Earlier today a video was released appearing to show Cowboys rookie tailback Ezekiel Elliot walking into a marijuana dispensary before the team's preseason game in Seattle. Elliot has since been quoted saying that this was a "bad decision". He also said "I was curious, I wasn't breaking any laws. I wasn't trying to hide it." Marijuana, while legal in Washington, is still a substance banned by the NFL.

The pre-season is the time for teams to try out their new players, new schemes, and new plays. It is also time for players to fine-tune their pre-game rituals, or, perhaps, experiment with new ones. Maybe you try eating at a new restaurant or making a new pre-game playlist, or in Ezekiel Elliot's case explore a marijuana dispensary.

Once you get past the incredibly weird, and borderline psychotic, narration of this video, you can see Zeek just meandering around the shop minding his own business. The biggest shock of this video is that Goddell didn't have someone standing at the door asking for a urine sample. For somebody living in Texas in their 20's, a marijuana dispensary is a major tourist attraction. Screw the Space Needle, Zeek just wanted to check out Herban Legends.

You also have to love Jerry Jones' response to this: "I don't think it was a good decision. He and I talked about that". This is the most PR-driven response of all time. There is no way Jerry Jones is a huge weed guy. You know that he was walking into that store in a trench coat, the classic fake glasses-mustache combo, and a wallet stuffed with 100's trying to find what he should hotbox his suite with at the game.