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Harvard Has Cancelled the Olympics

9:45 AM, May 17, 2016
Article by Austin James

Well athletes sorry to dash your dreams, but Harvard has cancelled the 2016 Olympics. 

Growing concerns about the Zika virus have led the Harvard Public Health Review to call for the cancellation of the summer games. They cite that the disease affects more than just pregnant women, and, in the most snooty Harvard move of all time, they label its spread as "inconvenient". They say the city has been more affected than they had previously expected. They have also cited growing concerns that the global audience at the games could help the spread of this new viral strain around the world. 

This is the third consecutive Olympic games to be hit with the threat of cancellation. It seems that for whatever reason the universe has it out for the Olympics. In London is was terrorism, Russia saw economic issues, and now we have a new strain of a dangerous virus trying to stop the Olympic games. Bottom line, all of these games went forward as scheduled, and this year will be no different. Sorry Harvard, you give me no cause for concern.

To end with a quote from Big Cat: "So, Harvard basically said 'just in case you forgot, there are Olympics happening this year.'"