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Highlights of the 2016 LLWS

Article by Austin James
Monday, August 30, 2016

Every year the world gets to step back and watch our most talented 11 and 12 year olds play baseball for the Little League World Series, here are this year's highlights.

Drake's Shoutout to Wish the U.S. team Good Luck:

Drake couldn't have been more uncomfortable giving this shoutout. He is so awkward about saying good luck; he could have just said "Good Luck, make us proud" or "Good luck, give it all you got." No, Drake is going to make a bad pun about your team name then tell you how much love you got coming from the 6. Couple that with the weird fake laugh into the camera an the jean jacket with roses all over it and you have a recipe for disaster. 

Dear Drake, stick with cheering on your boys from Toronto; we'll be just fine without you. Sincerely, America.

The South Korean Player's Nicknames

The South Korean players decided to take the nickname game to a new level this year. Instead of using some basic names like "Champ" or "Ace" or something you would hear on the playground, they got a little more creative with it. My personal favorite is Jaekyeong Kim, better known as Stone Buddha. I'm not actually sure what this nickname is going for but I do know that 12 year old me isn't throwing him any anything hit-able. Also earning merit was SS Jungtaek Ru (Son of the Wind), who I'm assuming throws an absolute rifle to first base and CF Seum Kwon (Flying Superman). I thought that superman could fly by himself, but, hey, a little reinforcement never hurt anyone.

The Volunteer Umpires
This was a called strike.

The umpires had a rough go of it in Williamsport this year, as questionable calls became all too normal. These umpires are volunteers and the only pre-requisite is to attend a five day umpire school session. This is about right for an umpire of 11 and 12 year old baseball, but when you throw them in the national spotlight, everyone wants the umpires to be just as good as the ones in the majors. Needless to say these guys were very unpopular with some of the calls they made in this tournament.

Plum Emoji Kid

A big power move by this 12 year old from Rhode Island. Thane Denton listed the plum emoji as his favorite for the fun fact portion of the batter bio. You have to love Thane sending a message to everyone he would be playing in the future: I'm a man. He is asserted his dominance over all the other 11 and 12 year olds with this move. Nice move, Thane, but I don't think you took the cake from "talking to girls" kid from last year.