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I Give Up On the NBA

June 17, 2016
Article by Austin James

Last night was the last straw. It's over. I have officially given up on the NBA.

The one hope for the public image of the NBA, Stephen Curry, just blew it for the entire league last night. The league needed a guy like Curry to be the "perfect athlete". He started from the bottom, built his way to a championship and an MVP, and is yet to have issues off the court. However, Curry has slowly chipped away at that reputation throughout the series with his non-stop whining, flopping, and playing the victim. But, last night was no small chip. Curry went full on temper tantrum, trowing his mouthpiece at a fan and continuing to yell at the official after he had already been given a technical and ejected. This, along with the other antics throughout the series, have ruined him for me. The unbelievably confusing officiating, super-teams, and LeBron had my faith in the league teetering, but this put it over the edge. I can't be a fan of this guy, and he was the only guy I could be a fan of. The only hope for a fan such as myself is the aging Spurs roster, so I give the NBA 5 years before it's dead.

And let's not forget that Ayesha Curry only made things worse for him by tweeting that the NBA is rigged. I mean this family is folding like a lawn chair and brining the league down with it. There are still so many people who look at the Curry's as if they can do no wrong that this tweet will actually be taken seriously. The NBA has allowed itself to become to attached to its superstars and now it is paying the price. They are becoming jokes. We have LeBron saying he watched The Godfather 6 times during the playoff series, JR Smith's daughter saying she is glad he hasn't been kicked off the team yet, and now Ayesha Curry saying the league is rigged after her husband becomes a 3 year old in front of the entire country.

Goodbye NBA. It was fun while it lasted. Just promise you wont ruin 2K too.