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Lochte Falls From Speedo to Cough Drops

Thursday, August 25, 2016
Article by Austin James

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte lost all of his major sponsors (most notably Speedo USA and Ralph Lauren) after the gas station incident in Rio. Lochte managed to cause an international incident by lying about being robbed at gunpoint and drunkenly urinating all over a gas station bathroom. He then fled the country before the Rio police could find him, leaving two of his friends behind to clean up the mess.

Now most people would accept this as a blow that you can't recover from. Most would say Lochte is done, and his image in damaged forever. However, Lochte is still out their busting his balls get back being the Ryan Lochte who was an Olympic Hero and reality TV star. So, where so you start? How do you rebuild your image? You become a sponsor for a cough drop company!

Lochte has recently agreed to become a sponsor for Pine Bros Softish Cough Drops, a cough drop manufacturer. They are willing to forgive Lochte for the mistakes he made in Rio and still have confidence that he can represent their brand. Now I'm not sure how they plan to use Lochte's stylish white hair and incredible intelligence to sell more cough drops at the local Walgreens, but I do know one thing: You can't keep a good man down, and Lochte is that good man.