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NBA Lottery Conspiracy 2016

9:20 AM, May 18, 2016
Article by Austin James

Would it even be a big NBA event if there wasn't rumors of a conspiracy surrounding it?

Yesterday, well before the lottery order was announced, Sixers great, Dikembe Mutombo, put out a tweet saying his former team had been awarded the first pick in the lottery. He wanted to congratulate his former team on "grabbing the #1 spot." Naturally, because it is the NBA, thousands of fans started yelling conspiracy, saying that Mutombo was given prior knowledge of the lottery results.

So, my thoughts on this one: How desperate are NBA fans for a conspiracy that we are believing 1) the NBA rigged the lottery for PHILADELPHIA and 2) Dikembe Mutombo was in on it 3) they rigged the Lottery in the statically correct order.

You know Philadelphia is such an NBA city that it would make so much sense to rig the draft for the 76ers. Wrong! Instead of breaking the bank and giving the Knicks the number on draft pick so they could put Simmons and Porzingus on the floor together and make the Knicks a decent team, Adam Silver decided to give the Sixers the number one pick, because that market is so large.

 Also, of all people Silver decided to call with the news about the pre-determined lottery order, he told Dikembe Mutombo. Listen, nothing against Dikembe, but this is a man who got scammed by an "African Gold-Mine" e-mail. He received an e-mail telling him he could make millions investing in a gold mine in the Congo. Mutombo proceeded to lose millions of dollar he sent to the Congo in actual burlap sacks. The money ended up in the hands of a militant leader in the region. Moral of the story, if you are planning a conspiracy, Mutombo is probably too naive to either be involved or help your cause.
Lastly, the Lottery actually went in statistically correct order. The Sixers were the most likely to get the first pick, the Lakers the second; I'm missing the shocker here. If the NBA was gonna rig something, you gotta hope they would go all out and like give the Spurs the number one overall.

All in all, get over yourself conspiracy theorists.