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Odor is on Fire

2:27 PM, May 17, 2016
Article by Austin James

Rougned Odor has recently become the biggest bad ass in Texas.

On Sunday, Odor threw an absolute hay-maker at Jose Bautista after Joey Bats slid into second base late in an attempt to take out Odor before he could throw to first to complete a double play. When I say hay-maker, I mean hay-maker. Bautista had his fist cocked back and was ready to go but Rougned beat him to it. Odor knocked Joey's white Oakleys and his pride right into the dirt as thousands of Texans fans chanted U-S-A in a fight between a Dominican and a Venezuelan. 

Bautista tried to come out afterwards and say he wasn't expecting it. Sorry man, you put your fists up in the air, expect punches to be flying. I mean I do understand that this is like the first time that there has been a legitimate punch thrown in a MLB game in a decade, but Joey you knew what you were getting into. I also love how he tried to pull the classic macho-move and say "it takes more than that to knock me down." Yeah Joey, you definitely could have gone 10 rounds; we all believe you.

In the most Rougned move in the history of the name Rougned, Odor came out today saying he regrets nothing and expects a suspension. The league could issue a suspension as early as today.

Rougned looks to put this in the past, as he says he respects Odor because Bautista "plays hard", but the world will never forget the day the bat flip came right back to bite Jose Bautista.