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PGA Spring Break

11:40 PM, April 22, 2016
Article by Austin James

So, it appears that this week some of the most prominent faces on PGA tour decided they needed to take a load off, a spring break if you will. Fresh off hell on the 12th hole at the Masters, Jordan Spieth joined Rickie Fowler, Smylie Kaufman, and Justin Thomas on a trip to the Bahamas. So the question becomes what happens when you take four professional athletes, all 27 and under, out of the pressure cooker of the PGA tour? Absolute chaos...

For those fans who follow Rickie Fowler or Justin Thomas on Snapchat, you know what I'm taking about. It appears that on the first day of the excursion, the foursome decided to play 18, shocker right? Well, as you may have guessed, when these dudes golf for fun, it's just that fun. Pictures flooded Snapchat of the group playing what appeared to be a very nice course in nothing but bathing suits and sun hats. Hey no shoes, no shirt, no problems right? And this was just a taste of the antics to follow: I mean these guys are clowns.
Fowler's Snapchat story was loaded down with videos and pictures of some hilarious antics. Among my personal favorites was the field goal drive, in which Thomas chipped it to Kaufman, who placed the hold down for Spieth, who put it through the uprights with a solid 3 wood. I also enjoyed Smylie's spot on impersonation of Jim Nantz, using a beer bottle as a microphone, as Fowler tried to lob a ball off the beach through some dense shrubbery. There were also numerous drag races on the fairway and a couple donuts on the greens. Between Fowler caddying for Kaufman and what appeared to be "races-to-your-drive" (Spieth and Thomas both hit off a tee box and inexplicably sprinted after their balls) I was entertained all day.

All in all you love to see these dudes blowing off some steam, especially Spieth, after the Masters. The kid had such a rough go of it on Sunday, so for him this is huge. Spieth will never forget how bad he played that day, but at least form some of Fowler's posts it seems like he has put it behind him. My big question is could you imagine what the 60 year old foursome playing behind these dudes was thinking? They probably saw three hill-billies runing around in their underwear and straw hats and called security. 

I'm not exactly sure how long these guys will be down there, but I do recommend adding Fowler (rickiefowler15) and Thomas (jthomas34) on Snapchat for a look at what these jokers are doing next.