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RG3 Owned DC

2:19 PM, May 18, 2016
Article by Austin James

In the never ending saga of Robert Griffin III's pro football career, he seems to always be the victim. Well, apparently there was something going on behind the scenes.

In 2013, after RG3's rookie season, he was one very unhappy camper. The Heisman winner had come into a Mike Shanahan system that didn't work for him, despite their first place finish in the NFC East. In the biggest power move in the history of Redskin quarterbacks, Griffin calls a meeting between Mike and Kyle Shanahan and his quarterbacks coach Matt LeFleur without letting them know what he plans to discuss. He then walks into the room, and begins wring down his "list of demands" on a white board:

1) Change things
2) Change our protections
3) Unacceptable
4) Bottom Line

He told his coaches to let him speak his peace and demanded change.

Let me start this off with a classic Tito mannerism: "I mean WOW"

Hats off to RG3 for just taking the Redskins organization and giving them the Somali pirate: "I am the captain now." This guy comes out of his rookie year and owns the program. From top to bottom how he conducted this meeting was just one giant power move. I have gained a whole new respect for RG3 after reading about this incident.

Biggest take away form this entire story is that Hue Jackson is shaking in his boots. There is no way that Dalton ever would have had the stones to do this in Cincinnati, so Jackson's not going to know how to handle a quarterback telling him what to do, especially like this. He better hope RG3 stays in line.