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Romo: Sacked and Injured 3 Plays In

Thursday, August 25, 2016
Article by Austin James

Just as quickly as Romo's game began, it ended.

In tonights Cowboys vs. Seahawks matchup, Tony Romo was sacked by the Seahawks Cliff Avril after only three plays. In Romo fashion, he was injured and headed to the sidelines to be check out by the most overworked training staff in the NFL. It was later reported that he merely "pulled his back" and was healthy enough to return to the game; however, the Cowboys staff was smart enough to keep him on the bench to avoid any further injury.

Honestly, the most surprising part of this story is that Romo's season isn't over; I mean when you hear about a Tony Romo injury you think surgery and then months of rehab. I was expecting him to go all out and get carted off the field then show up to practice tomorrow in a full body cast. The man appears to be made of glass, and his offensive line really doesn't seem to care. If I'm a Cowboys fan wouldn't trust him to be able to play the entire season, so I would start investing in Prescott gear. 

Jerry's boys are gonna have to rely heavily on the run game this year in order to keep Romo healthy and that means putting a lot of the offensive load on rookie Ezekiel Elliot, who seems to be fairing about as well as Romo tonight (see video). Overall I'd say its not a good time to be in Dallas.