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What if? Bringing Back the Royals to Cincinnati

2:28 PM, May 19, 2016
Article by Jacob Geiser

As I was surfing the internet, I came across a uniform concept. It was a uniform concept of the Cincinnati Royals. The Royals were the city's NBA team. The team was in the city from 1957-1972, played in the Cincinnati Gardens, and featured some local sports heroes. Oscar Robertson (G), Jack Twyman (F), and legendary Cincinnati Bearcats coach Ed Jucker. The Royals never won a championship or made an appearance to the finals. They made it to the playoffs 7 times, and appeared in 2 conference finals. The team would relocate to Kansas City for 10 years, then moved to Sacramento, where they have been ever since.

So the question is, what if they came back? Now odds are this wouldn't happen. They would have to be a new team through some sort of expansion. Look at how successful the Orlando Magic were in their first few years. That would be awesome. Look at how successful FC Cincinnati has been in its inaugural season, bringing out record crowds and giving the city new life. I wouldn't imagine it being any other way for the Royals. The city has a rich basketball tradition in UC, and I hate to say it but XU. Local NBA enthusiasts have to root for teams outside of the state or the team up north in Cleveland. The city would jump all over it. Cincinnati is already trying to renovate US Bank arena and has made it clear they would be open to the idea of hosting NCAA tournament games. A newly renovated US Bank Arena would mean a nicer basketball arena. Could it be attractive enough? Sure, but like I said, this doesn't seem likely.

The NBA most likely won't expand, so it would have to be a group of entrepreneurs who would be interested in buying out a team. All of this really doesn't mean anything it would just be interesting to see. There would be some obvious questions. One, who would buy out a team? What jersey's would they wear and how would they model it? Here is an idea from Sean McCarthy:
How cool would that be? I love the idea of paying homage to the older Cincinnati Royals by putting Royals down the side of the pants. The logo itself gives a mixture of the old Royals logo and the current Reds logo featuring Mr. Redleg. The idea or the better term "dream" of the Cincinnati Royals coming back from the dead would be rowdy. Seeing how excited the soccer fans and other bystanders are in FC Cincy only gives me the notion that it would be the same for the Royals. What would be even better, in honor of the team coming home they should hire someone who played for them. Yo, Oscar want to coach the Royals? I would love that.

All in all, it probably won't happen for a long time or ever sadly. It would be great to resurrect the Royals from the dead. One can dream right?