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Winners and Losers of the NBA Finals

June 20, 2016
Article by Austin James

Last night's game had some strings attached. The Cavs weren't the only winners, and the Warriors weren't the only losers.


LeBron gets the obvious win here. I hate LeBron just as much as the next guy, but he did it. He took an underdog team, came back from a 3-1 deficit, and won a title on the road. He just proved to a lot of people that he is still the best in the league. You can't argue with success; he did everything he set out to do this year. His legacy also gets the added bonus of beating the greatest regular season team of all time.

Sneaking under the radar with the win is Anderson Varejao. Andy was traded from the Cavs to the Warriors about midway through this season. He then played a role of debatable importance in the back half of the Warriors record breaking season. Varejao is now the only person who can say that he was a member of the greatest regular season of all time and also got a ring that same year. He hit the jackpot with this one.


First and most obviously, David Blatt took the L last night. The former coach was fired from Cleveland earlier this year while his team had the best record in the Eastern Conference. At the time the decision didn't make much sense to me, but I guess LeBron knew what he was doing. Last night, Blatt had to watch his former team win a title without him from what I can only assume was a very rundown apartment in Turkey. That's right, Blatt is back on the saddle half way across the world. He will look to bounce back from this disappointing year by leading his Darussafaka squad to a Turkish Super League Title.

Another big loser last night was Ayesha Curry. If the Warriors would have won the title, everyone would have forgot about her tweet after Game 6 and she could go back to being the best wife in professional basketball. But fate was not on her side last night, and I'm honestly surprised she hasn't already come out saying that Adam Silver has a personal vendetta against her husband. The "Fam Goals" era is over, she is now the crazy wife of one of the best players in the league.

Cleveland football fans also took their first loss of the 2016 NFL season last night. The curse has been lifted from the city and now Browns fans are going to pay. Let's face it, we all knew that the Cavs or Indians were going to have to be the ones to break this title drought. The Browns are just going to suck forever and now their fans can't just wallow in the curse with the rest of the sports fans in the city. Dire hard Browns fans have now been set off on an island, they have to deal with the Cavs success and the Browns are still going to suck. I mean after all, they are the Browns.